NCHA Member Benefits

When NCHA Strategic Partners succeeds, so do NCHA members. Because we are a wholly owned subsidiary, NCHA Strategic Partners positively impacts our parent organization by enabling NCHA to limit dues increases and improve educational offerings to members.

When NCHA members use NCHA Strategic Partners they:

  • Receive access to top-quality companies that deliver solutions to NCHA members at lower costs.
  • Contribute to keeping NCHA dues as low as possible.
  • Can enjoy improved NCHA educational offerings.

What "Access. Solutions. Value." Means to You


NCHA Strategic Partners provides its participants and NCHA members free access to business partners who have proven track records for delivering quality products and services at prices that save healthcare providers money.

NCHA Strategic Partners is always listening to healthcare providers to identify needs. We seek business partners who:

  • Have the resources to meet healthcare providers' needs
  • Provide participants with quality products and services
  • Submit references to be reviewed by NCHA Strategic Partners
  • Negotiate discounts in fees to be realized by healthcare providers

Business partners approved by NCHA Strategic Partners:

  • Gain credibility by identifying themselves as endorsed by NCHA Strategic Partners
  • Benefit from the promotional activities of NCHA Strategic Partners
  • Receive the latest directories containing contact names of potential customers within healthcare organizations
  • Enjoy increased visibility at NCHA meetings and related educational programs

The products from 800 vendors linked to the Provista group purchasing program are just the start of solutions available to healthcare providers through NCHA Strategic Partners.

Participants have access to many solutions through NCHA Strategic Partners including:

  • Accounts payable automation
  • Allied professional staffing
  • Clinical and financial information
  • Complete insurance coverage including property and casualty insurance
  • Construction audits
  • Electronic claims editing and transmission
  • Healthcare document exchange/management
  • Interim clinical and operational management
  • Non-salary cost savings
  • Permanent and temporary physician staffing
  • Pharmacy access
  • Risk management consulting
  • Software support for regulatory compliance
  • Staffing
  • Workers' compensation fund coverage

Participants save money by using NCHA Strategic Partners. In addition to ensuring participants get great service from proven business partners, NCHA Strategic Partners also negotiates discounts that lower participants' cost for using these services. Revenues generated by NCHA Strategic Partners provide additional value to members of the hospital association by enabling NCHA to enhance its services.